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A great developer service is often the foundation of a successful business, providing the ability to expand and adapt business systems in a way that helps the organisation achieve new goals.

Every business can improve. This can be by changing the way data is stored and accessed, making existing applications more efficient or creating completely new applications altogether. Whatever your organisation needs to achieve more, our developer services should be the number one choice.

How Can Our Developer Services Help

Our programming experience spans almost two decades and multiple programming languages. During this time we’ve built and supported close to 100 applications including Android mobile apps, Windows programs, services, databases and websites.

  • Bespoke Content Management Systems
  • Bespoke Ecommerce Systems
  • .NET Development
  • Android Application Development
  • Database Modelling
  • Windows Applications

.NET Development

At Exert Design, .NET is in our DNA. We’ve been building ASP.NET websites for around 7 years and programming Windows applications in VB.NET for over 10. Fully versed in source control, three-tier architecture and all that fun stuff, we are the perfect choice for your .NET development needs.

Examples of our .NET work include; fully customised ecommerce websites and content management systems, Windows based applications and services, console applications, class libraries and many more.

Android Application Development

Over the past few years, mobile applications have taken centre stage proving to be both effective marketing tools for large businesses as well as a quick way to generate income from a good idea.

Currently, we only support Android application development via the Android SDK (software development kit) but we hope to expand our mobile app development to Apple over the coming months.

Database Development

Define, analyse and improve data using our data modelling services.

The most common type of data modelling request is for designing and improving databases. This often includes the expansion of an existing database to include new fields that connect to existing applications.

As with our .NET development, our data modelling expertise stretch back over 10 years so contact us today to see how our experience could help improve your business systems.

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