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Getting your business website found online has never been easier with pay-per-click advertising on popular sites such as Google, Facebook and Bing. Our marketing services use these mediums and a budget set by you to achieve the best possible advertising placement.

Whether you are looking to improve an existing pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign or create a new campaign our marketing services can help. With full monthly reporting and analysis, you will be in full control of what you spend and how you spend it.

What can our marketing services do for you

At Exert Design, we’ve been creating online marketing campaigns for a few years now so we’ve got the advertising experience to know what works and what doesn’t.

If your organisation is already running marketing campaigns we’ll analyse what is working and what is not and make changes to improve it. In almost every case, spend remains unchanged while conversions improve.

If your business is not currently running PPC campaigns we can set up the accounts you need and get your new campaigns off the ground.

  • Google AdWords Management
  • Facebook Adverts Management
  • Bing Ads Management
  • Searhc Engine Optimisations
  • Organic Social Media Marketing

Google AdWords

Arguably the greatest in all senses of the word, Google AdWords is the must-have of pay-per-click campaigns covering Google Search and various other mediums.

Once established, advertising campaigns on Google via AdWords will send direct, contextually relevant traffic to your website meaning visitors have a high probability of converting if the content on your website (and, if you are selling products the price) is good.

Clicks via AdWords can range from as little as £0.50 to over £1.00 depending on how competitive the market you are targeting is.


Facebook advertising is another great target for your PPC campaigns. Campaigns can be setup to target specific interests people have added to their profile as well as various other demographics such as age and sex.

A great feature of Facebook advertising is that you can set daily spend limits or lifetime budgets, this is perfect when you wish to run one-off campaigns such as to advertise a new product or service your organisation might be offering.

In addition, you can also tell Facebook how much you want to spend per click, a featured Facebook have annotated ‘How much is each visitor worth to you’.

Other Advertising Mediums

There are additional websites which offer pay-per-click advertising on their websites such as Bing. These may not yield the same conversion results as the likes of Google and Facebook but are still worth considering when looking to take advantage of online advertising.

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